April 23, 2024

FOR SHARING, REFLECTIONS, learning, and lesson, let’s try today to analyze and interpret the song composed by Prof. Mauchi Sanggoy. a retired academician, now living in a small agri lot, in one rural area of the Province of Benguet, Philippines.
THIS TITLE APPAW, Appaw mango! – is an Interjection/EXPR of the Benguets to signify one, two, some, or all of the following:
LAMENT. SORROW, OR question – you miss someone or something: at times reflecting self-blame, or otherwise.
SAID EXPR IS often used in its long three-worded form, or just Appaw! Now, the song. ‘Best-offered’, line-by-line and same stanza-sequence translations immediately follow the song, to wit:
APPAW, APPAW MANGO! Ka aixe ni katext ko; Bolo-bolow era ni aso, Eramay kaadivay ko… Ehm ehm ehm, ah-hem! Kamon bara ‘moy katext ko, Istay mansisihmet ak ngo!
WARA ESHAN NUNTAN, E nak nay semmekan; Ayshi pay e txt nuntan, Apay waray celfon da non? Idi eg pay ebayag, Towak di sinudatan; Angken manbinijag kami, no kak maka sekked e pan iskuweda to! Appaw appaw mango.
JET WARA PAY numan, Tan wara era pay mowan, Nem sai mi nan kibaltangan, Aaneng kami pay nuntan!
JET GWAREY nak nai saltekan, Kowan ko no si kato ma huttan, Kabejag min nan kadwa, Ayshi bimmagos da!
JET NAK MA imoli, Sigod masmek numana bii, Pahjana istay kosto, Nem nai oli met da sun Apo!
APPAW APPAW MANGO, Niman men aabos ko; Angken txt bengata maki aadivai, Nem ayshi diiy ka on sangbay, Andadamsis sha moi dahaei! Ehm ehm ehm, ehem ehem ehem, a h e m!

Now, the translations:
APPAW, APPAW MANGO!/EXPR.! THIS absence of a textmate, The barkin’ of the dogs become my copains…Were it COND that I had a textmate, we would be joyous I conjure! (2) (THERE WAS FIRST before, A girl with whom I fell in-love; I thought it was already she; But before long, she wrote me ; There was no texting before, There were no cellphones before; She said no problem we may split, if too long for me her studies to wait; Appaw, appaw mango!
THEN, AGAIN THERE was, there were others still; but Fault on us ourselves, we were yet in Mind non mature;
AND WHEN WITH someone I finally ended with came, I thought again it was already she; but how long we stayed together despite, she left me cold in the wild;
SO, BACK I went, to her who has before yet nursed my heart; But as things were getting better, She went back to our Maker;
APPAW, APPAW MANGO! Now that I’m alone left; even by txt solely if I may bridge with; but no one cares to come by; They see perchance no joy being with an aging guy! Ehm, ehm, ehm; Ahem
THERE WE GO, how did the song fare with you? One genuine essence it has: it is not like many – geared for the ‘general public’, to: entertain, tickle, soothe, humour, and like purposes. Rather
IT IS FOR easily-identifiable ‘minority/special sectors’ of human society, viz. the widows and widowers; the separated or reconciled; those loved, or once-loved, or never loved; and other similar cases; provided that they’re not the ‘normal, untoward, usual’ ones.
THE TONE and Colour of the song is rather melancholy, yet still hopeful. Ayo, ayo. Ino!