February 22, 2024

In homage once more to Baguio’s being a Unesco creative city and in the creation of a Council for Baguio as a Creative City (CBCC), here’s “Ibaloy-ak, Part I” by my naughty poetic twin Gabriel Baban Keith: “Maybe Ibaloys are meant/ to be followers/ in the land of their/ ancestors:/ To be second-fiddle/ to outsiders who are more/ united, aggressive/ and blindly support their own/ even if their own/ have done wrong./ Maybe Ibaloys are meant/ to be marginalized/since many are brave,/ say what they really think and feel/ only when they are under/ the influence/ of alcohol./ Maybe Ibaloys are meant/ to be noticed only/ during Ibaloy Day:/ When drunk Ibaloys/ pound their chests,/ act brave and/ pretend they matter/ in a land of outsiders:/ In a home no longer theirs./ Cheers.” Advance Happy Ibaloy Day.
Anyway, here is Mayor Benjamin Magalong’s message when he met recently with CBCC officers and other local artists, craftsmen, and creative workers: “We in the CBCC, with the city government in full support, stands highly focused in flourishing the creative community in a way that will positively sustain the development efforts in Baguio. Past gains will never go to waste, as we work together in bolstering the creative economy, in making better their economic and social welfare. Sa ganitong paraan, walang maiiwanan.”
Magalong stressed that the collective presence of local artists, craftsmen, and creative workers is ushering in a climate conducive to more engagements in the full spirit of solidarity and togetherness.

FYI: Pres. Duterte recently signed Executive Order No. 104, entitled, “Improving access to healthcare through the regulation of price in the retail of drugs and medicines.” This landmark measure will impose price regulation through a maximum retail price, maximum wholesale price, or both on certain drugs and medicines.
Access to affordable and quality drugs and medicines is now a reality under the Duterte administration. The measure is part of the real and lasting reform which Duterte has instituted in order that all Filipinos can live decent and comfortable lives that they deserve, according to the Philippine Information Agency.

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May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless and keep us all safe.