May 25, 2024

As usual, this latest national circus, otherwise known as “Philippine elections”, has polarized families of all economic levels whose members have their own choices on who to elect into office. That’s democracy, after all, where everybody has the right to choose on who to vote for. Other than a few individuals who have been shining lights and deserve longer terms in office, the vast majority have been corrupt, inept, self-serving and abject failures who should have been booted out as early as a week into office. Just my opinion. Our beloved country, still being the “Sick Man (Woman) of Asia” after all these years, is proof of our poor choices in leaders.
As usual, in the coming elections, it seems that instead of choosing from among the cream of the crop, it’s from among “the lesser evil”. To be fair, there are a few who have the proven integrity and competence who deserve to be our leaders. This is true in every election. Unfortunately, these deserving individuals are usually the ones trailing far behind in the polls and have little or no chance of winning. We truly deserve the leaders we continue to choose. So far, except for an elite few who are usually members of political dynasties, the cruel joke has been on us.
Anyway, our beloved city of vanishing pines and Ibaloys’ vaccine supply against the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic totaled a hefty 104,803 as of Feb. 14 this year, according to City Health Services Officer Rowena Galpo during the regular management committee meeting of local officials, Feb. 15, led by Mayor Benjamin Magalong at Baguio Convention Center.
She said the available vaccines include 7,961 of Sinovac; 31,600 AstraZeneca; 14,660, Moderna; 9,720, Pfizer (Tozinamaren) formulation for five to 11 years old; and 37,344 Pfizer (Comirnaty) for 12 years old and above. Galpo said 1,748 doses of Gamaleya vaccine are expiring this month.

FYI: The number of calls made by volunteer health practitioners to home isolated patients in the Summer Capital due to the Covid-19 using the city’s “Bantay Covid” telemedicine platform has totaled 1,491 as of Feb. 14 according to Galpo also during the regular management committee meeting. She said there was an uptick in the number of registered users of the free digital program at 148 as compared to 119 last week and only 48 in Jan. 24. Galpo said there was also a marked decrease in home isolated patients at only 75 which peaked at 1,898 in Jan. 24 as the city recently transitioned from alert level 3 to 2 due to the dramatic downturn in Covid-19 infections in the city. She said volunteer medical practitioners may register at
City Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit chief Donnabel Tubera Panes said these are the telemedicine step-by-step process for volunteers: Register for an account and wait for its approval. Once approved, an activation link will be sent to your email;
Activate your account and login your account credentials. You will be redirected to your telemed dashboard;
Click the start telemed button to start a teleconsultation. The system will randomly generate a patient for you to contact and evaluate;
Call and evaluate the patient based on the health indicators (checklist) listed in the system;
Submit your patient’s evaluation and you will be redirected to your telemed dashboard; and
Click the Start Telemed button to start a teleconsultation again.

Here’s “The First Day” by Christina Rossetti: “I wish I could remember that first day,/ First hour, first moment of your meeting me,/ If bright or dim the season, it might be/ Summer or Winter for aught I can say;/ So unrecorded did it slip away,/ So blind was I to see and to foresee,/ So dull to mark the budding of my tree/ That would not blossom yet for many a May./ If only I could recollect it, such/ A day of days! I let it come and go/ As traceless as a thaw of bygone snow;/ It seemed to mean so little, meant so much;/ If only now I could recall that touch,/ First touch of hand in hand – Did one but know!”
May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless and keep us all safe.