May 27, 2024
NO TO DECEPTION AND RECRUITMENT — Youth leaders in various parts of the Cordillera, including those in Baguio City, joined the nationwide leadership summit to shield fellow youths from the non-stop recruitment of the Communist Party of the Philippines and its armed wing New People’s Army especially in the countryside. — Harley Palangchao

The Communist Party of the Philippines and its armed wing New People’s Army have amassed an estimated P5.8 billion in foreign donations and revolutionary taxes, including the collection of permit-to-campaign fees from politicians.
The Anti-Terrorism Council (ATC) disclosed this recently, as it warned it will keep an eye on allied groups of the CPP-NPA that will try to disturb the May 2022 elections.
“The CPP-NPA is again looking forward to the 2022 elections, which provides them another opportunity to extort money from political candidates through their so-called permit-to-campaign (PTC) or permit to win fees,” said Justice Sec. Menardo Guevarra, who sits as one of the ATC officials.
Under the Anti-Terrorism Financing Act of 2012 and the Anti-Terror Act of 2020, any financial and material support to an individual or organization allied to the terrorist organization is a non-bailable offense, and its perpetrators may face lifetime imprisonment. 
Guevarra warned anew that giving in to the demands of the CPP-NPA such as the PTC is tantamount to helping finance their terrorist activities. He reported that intelligence records show the CPP-NPA have carried out 1,506 cases of atrocities since 2010, including the abduction of 544 children.
“Let us not allow this communist terrorist group to continue abusing and exploiting our political exercise to extort money for their terror activities,” Guevarra was quoted as saying.
The Department of the Interior and Local Government also warned it will file disqualification case/s against any candidate found paying PTC to the underground movement.
The DILG has a standing order to all LGUs and the Philippine National Police to ensure that any candidate is allowed access to campaign even in areas considered as NPA-infested or influenced barangays. – Harley F. Palangchao