May 23, 2024

Growing up with younger siblings, it was a normal thing to bear the responsibility of caring for the family. Although I am not the type of sister who shows love through words, hugs, and kisses, I know that I am used to giving gifts and treating my family. I am not the eldest but I always find joy whenever I treat my siblings with fare and food. I am the third of five siblings, and having a big family is great because we get to enjoy each other’s company especially during special occasions. Aside from my siblings, I also live with my two nephews and one niece. I love being with them because I really feel the genuine care little children give. Whenever I am not okay, I just talk to them and they give me comfort even if they do not fully understand my struggles.
It has been hard juggling my time for studies and work especially now that I am a graduating student. Being a working student is not easy because a lot of times, I have to sacrifice sleep. Being a working student is tiring but when I think about the positive side, I can say I really love what I am doing. Yes, it is really challenging mentally, emotionally, and physically but whenever I think that it helps me pay for my school fees, buy the things I need, and can help me provide what I want, I am motivated to continue and strive more. I am able to juggle my work and studies through proper time management. If someone asks me what motivates me in doing the things that I do, I say I want to finish school and eventually help my parents especially financially. As a third ate, I can say that I am a selfless big sister because I can sacrifice my wants just to provide for my younger sister and brother. I am concerned about the things they need just like their allowance to school. When my parents don’t have money, I pitch in even if my parents do not oblige me to do so.
Since my two elder sisters already have their own families, I have been feeling the pressure to support my two younger siblings in their studies. I know it is going to be hard when I graduate because I will be supporting their needs but it is also going to be fulfilling because I will be able to continue to selflessly give to them. My dream for my family is to provide them a better house, have our own car, and be financially stable. I know this is going to be hard to achieve but I believe that it will be possible. Ate is tired but ate is fighting and I am going to continue to fight for my dreams just for my family to have a better life.