December 7, 2023

“Tayong mga taga-Baguio ang nag-a-adjust sa kanila,” a familiar phrase uttered by a friend, when commenting about the influx of tourists to the city every weekend or holidays.
Yes, as sad as it sounds, we do some adjusting to the tourists who come to our city. Whenever that happens, we just stay at home, refraining from stressing ourselves with the hassle of being outdoors.
It is amusing that every time people from out of town come here, we need to adjust. But that is a small price to pay in exchange for them giving life to our city. We do need the business that they bring, and adjustments are needed to make life comfortable.
Baguio City has always been a tourist destination. Our biggest draw has always been our weather. The cold mornings relax us and make us eager to start our day on a positive and cheery note.
Yes, there are other places that also draw numerous tourists but our city, its atmosphere, and people, are unique. I have heard some stories that people would choose to live here despite being offered opportunities to live elsewhere in the country.
Before the pandemic, tourists regularly flock the city especially on weekends. They came to visit the sites, eat the local food, and experience our culture.
During pandemic, Baguio City, as with other cities and countries, suffered greatly. But we endured. Nowadays, life has definitely returned with renewed vigor and zeal.
I’ve also been asked if I do ever get tired of the city, with all its ups and downs. How can I? It is my home, it is where I was born and raised. It’s not perfect but it’s my comfort place. Other places may have their uniqueness too but Baguio City will always be in my mind.