June 14, 2024

A Baguio grandson who was a spelling bee champion in one of the largest schools in the United States continues to make waves in the land of opportunities.

Dominic Xavier Lanag-MacDula, the 7th grader Spelling Bee champion of Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada in 2019 will skip his regular 11th and 12th year of high school to pursue his higher education.

He was recently accepted at the College of Southern Nevada High School (CSNHS) and will embark on one of the most challenging and rewarding adventures of his educational career.

The mission of the CSNHS is to facilitate the transition of their students from high school to post-secondary education.

MacDula completed his 9th and 10th at the Palo Verde High School in Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada.

While at Palo Verde, he was one of the schools’ news reporters and anchor.

MacDula dreamt of becoming a doctor, but decided to try his luck in Broadcast Journalism.

His parents and grandparents expressed support to his decisions and his choices in life.

In 2019, he was declared the spelling bee champion of the Clark County School District (CCSD) Nevada, considered the fifth largest school district by enrollment in the United States.

He was also in the District’s Gifted and Talented in Education Program, along with his younger brother Noah.

He is also the first student of Ernest Becker Middle School to become a district champion and represent his school to the state championship.

McDula is the grandson of Baguio boy Sahnee Lanag, who traces his roots to Besao and Sagada, Mountain Province.

MacDula’s late maternal great grandmother, Agustina who hailed from Tetep-an, Sagada, had not been able to go to school, but was able to succeed in her small business and sent most of children to college.

Macdula’s lineage is of Igorot, Ilocano, and Scottish-American. – Press release