April 20, 2024

The city’s park system and operation are set to a new normal following health protocols and standards.
City Environment Parks and Management Office (Cepmo) chief Rhenan Diwas said Cepmo and the City Social Welfare and Development Office have engaged with ambulant vendors at Burnham Park on the new paradigm.
“Ambulant vendors are no longer allowed within city parks. With guidance from Mayor Benjie Magalong, we formed a team to look into the possibility of incorporating our ambulant vendors into the formal economy,” he said.
Diwas said city gardens are undergoing major rehabilitation, which explains why tractors are seen inside the Rose Garden and trucks are going in and out of the area.
“I’m receiving several text messages about the matter.  Please bear with us for a while.  The goal is to fill our gardens with thousands of flowers that will bloom soon as we recover from this Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.
Flowers in Baguio are not only tourism attractions but are also embedded in the culture and history of its people and neighboring municipalities, Diwas said.
“The blooming of flowers has become a symbol of resiliency and positivism for Baguio from the devastation of the 1990 killer earthquake. Thus, we have our annual Panagbenga Festival,” he said.
Diwas also announced that almost all city parks have completed master plans by the Cepmo and the City Buildings and Architecture Office for some and technical working groups for others.
Projects for implementation this year include the establishment of a horse stable and sanitation facility at Wright Park and rehabilitation of Bayan Park and Burnham Park children’s playground. – Gaby B. Keith