June 22, 2024

Vaccination against Covid-19 will now be at the district health centers since the university gymnasiums used as mega vaccination sites will revert to educational purposes in anticipation of the start of face-to-face classes.
City Health Services Office Head Rowena Galpo informed Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong the University of Baguio Gymnasium and the Bishop Carlito Cenzon Sports Center or the Saint Louis University Gymnasium will be closed for disinfection in preparation for face-to-face classes.
Even the vaccination site at the basement parking of SM will be closed to accommodate mall goers, Galpo said.
Magalong said the city government will now focus its vaccination efforts to the district health centers.
He said crowding at the vaccination sites will no longer be a problem since majority of Baguio City’s eligible population are already vaccinated.
Magalong said vaccination in private pharmacies particularly at the Mercury Drugstore at lower Session Road and Watson’s Pharmacy at SM will continue to accommodate vaccinees.
Based on data from the CHSO as of March 14, there are 293,003 individuals or 104.27 percent of the eligible 281,000 adult population in Baguio City who are vaccinated with first dose while 279,260 or 99.38 percent have been fully vaccinated. Individuals with booster dose totaled 99,318.
For the pediatric population aged 12 to 17 years old, 35,531 or 88.30 percent of the eligible population of 40,238 already received their first dose while 33,829 or 84.07 percent are fully vaccinated.
The vaccinated individuals with first dose under pediatric population aged five to 11 years old now totaled 9,641 or 20.53 percent of the eligible population of 46,955 while those fully vaccinated totaled 3,323 or 7.08 percent.
“Periodically, we will have vaccination programs in big sites if necessary although our vaccination rate is already high. Surprisingly, a lot of our vaccinees are still on their first dose of vaccination that is why we need to sustain our efforts but now at the district health centers,” Magalong said. – Jessa Mardy P. Samidan