May 29, 2024

The Baguio City Council has approved on third and final reading an ordinance that seeks to highlight Baguio City’s distinct culture, arts, and traditions. Once implemented, the ordinance shall create the Baguio City Culture and Arts Council (BCCAC).
Councilor Vladimir Cayabas, main author, cited in the ordinance Department of the Interior and Local Government Memorandum Circular 133, s. 2017, which enjoins all local government units to legislate for the establishment of a local culture and the arts council.
He also mentioned the Philippine and regional development plans, which underscore the promotion of culture-sensitive governance and development and greater awareness of diverse culture and values.
The ordinance states the BCCAC shall strive to deepen people’s understanding and appreciation towards diverse arts and cultures in the city.
It shall take the lead in policy recommendation related to local culture and arts to attain “cultural appreciation and empowerment” among the locals.
It shall also assist the city government in setting up its cultural agenda that may include institutionalizing heritage conservation plans and programs and assess culture and arts-related programs of the city government.
Likewise, it shall assist the education sector in mainstreaming cultural education in the basic, technical, vocational, and higher education systems in support and in compliance with the Philippine and regional development plans. – Jordan G. Habbiling