April 21, 2024

Councilor Lilia Fariñas wants individuals selling adulterated honey products in the city, penalized.

An adulterated honey product contains other substances such as sugar syrup, honeydew, glucose, dextrose, or molasses to increase its quantity or enhance its flavor, thereby, but reducing its quality. Honey adulteration is a fraudulent act used to deceive consumers.

In the proposed ordinance, anyone who is found selling adulterated honey products shall be fined P500 on first offense; P1,000 on second offense; and P2,000 on third and subsequent offenses. Such products shall be confiscated and disposed of.

To ensure implementation of the ordinance, a task force shall be created consisting of officials of the city government, representatives of the Department of Trade and Industry, the Baguio City Police Office, and representatives of beekeepers groups and urban farmers groups in the city. The task force shall meet every quarter of the year.

City Veterinarian Silardo Bested had requested the city council to craft the said ordinance to ensure that honey products being sold in the markets are pure.

Fariñas said according to a beekeepers group, adulterated honey products, usually packaged in recycled gin bottles, are being peddled around the city.

“Such unfair practices do not fare well with local beekeepers who produce pure honey and who use original containers for their packaging,” the councilor said. 

She said Mayor Benjamin Magalong, in a consultation, assured the current administration will take action against fraudulent commercial activities to protect and support local urban farmers and the public at large.

The proposed ordinance has been referred to the city council’s committee on market, trade and commerce, and agriculture for review following its approval on first reading. – Jordan G. Habbiling