May 19, 2024

The Baguio wushu team bagged four gold, eight silver, and four bronze medals during the China 2021 ASEAN taijiquan online competition.  

The team, led by national athlete and coach Daniel Parantac, joined the international competition organized by China Interactive Sports Technology Invention Co., and Wish Federation ASEAN-China. 

Hans Lubguban clinched two gold medals in the 24 steps taijiquan and 32 steps taijijian, while world champion Agatha Wong contributed another gold in the compulsory routine 42 steps taijiquan and a silver in the 42 steps taijijian.   

Carla Stephanie Tilap won gold in the 24 steps taijiquan and a bronze medal in the 32 steps taijijian while Jones Llabres Inso bagged two silver medals in the 56 chen style taijiquan and chen style taijijian. 

The silver medalists in various taijiquan and taijijian events were Sheran Dacanay, Mercylin Alexander, Zion Daraliay, and Tate Chuang.

Parantac, along with Alexander and Chuang, also won bronze medal apiece in their respective events.

Aside from the main competition, the team won viewer’s choice awards in the taijijian and taijiquan.   

Lubguban won second and third prizes while Tilap, Wong, and Alezander each won two second prizes.

Winning first prizes were Daraliay and Chuang while Parantac won a second prize in his event.

Also, Inso won first and second prizes while Dacanay won two second prizes.

The online competition ran from Nov. 1 to Nov. 20 with participants from various wushu teams all over the world. – Ofelia C. Empian