June 20, 2024

After living for years in a makeshift and crowded house, an indigent couple and their seven children in Banaue, Ifugao now own a decent house. Thanks to the Philippine National Police and some kindred souls.
Moses Tabayag was emotional after the Banaue Municipal Police Station recently turned over to the family the two-bedroom bungalow-type residential house at Sitio Chig-chig, Bocos in a ceremony witnessed by police officers, local officials, and the community.
Tabayag expressed the family’s gratitude for the outpouring of support and sacrifices of the Banaue MPS personnel and other donors for the completion of the house and his relatives and neighbors’ help during the construction stage.
“It is a big help and blessing to my family. Thank you to the program of the Banaue MPS, all donors for providing everything for the benefit of my family, and also to my neighbors and relatives,” Tabayag said.
Banaue MPS Chief, Capt. Rodolfo Fateg, said the office learned about the situation of the Tabayag family during the implementation of the “Adopt a Family” program when they distributed assorted goods bought out of their own salaries.
Fateg said at first, he was not receptive of the idea of building a house for the family because many materials are needed and they may not be able to complete it due to their limited resources. However, with the perseverance and reminders of the personnel, he decided to push through with the project by pooling their personal money and other resources in partnership with other police units and donors.
With the “Bahay ng kapwa ko, sagot ko” project, police officers provided mainly the manpower from the start until the completion of the house.
Police Executive Master Sergeant Rolando Bongallon, who suggested the project, said the construction of a bungalow for the Tabayag family is the first of its kind in Ifugao. He acknowledged all the kindhearted individuals who donated cash and other materials used for the project.
Based on the list of donors, the total cost of the project and other goods reached about P100,000.
Ifugao Police Provincial Director Col. David Mariano lauded his men for their initiative to help indigent families through the Bahay ng kapwa ko, sagot ko and assured these efforts will be valued and be given appropriate commendations.
“The program of the PNP to help and bring government services nearer to the community will continue especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. The community is our treasure for achieving a peaceful and developed place to live,” Mariano said.
Pastor Herman Dinumla, who facilitated the blessing of the structure, commended the efforts of Banaue MPS personnel and all the donors for sharing their blessings.
“This project is a pleasing offering to God. When I saw your sacrifices through social media, I liked it and prayed for the success of this endeavor,” he said.
With the successful implementation of the project, the Banaue MPS proved once again the PNP’s core values “maka-Diyos, makabayan, makatao, at makakalikasan.” — Marcelo B. Lihgawon