June 20, 2024

Clients of BDO Unibank, Inc. can now make cardless, QR code-based withdrawals from its select automated teller machines (ATMs).
“Withdrawing using QR codes is now available in the Philippines. Now, our clients will enjoy faster and more convenient transactions, and most importantly, limit the risk of catching the Covid-19 since they will touch the ATM surface a lot less,” said Tovi Mendoza, BDO Unibank senior vice president and head of ATM Network and Applied Payment Solutions.
The new service, he added, will benefit those who are encouraged to stay home for their health and safety.
“Despite our security controls, however, we remind our clients to entrust their withdrawal QR codes with others prudently,” Mendoza said.
To generate a QR code, login your BDO digital banking app. Click on “More” from the options. Select “Withdraw” then “Via QR.” Pick the account, input the amount, and save the QR code.
Each QR code is unique to each withdrawal transaction. It is only valid for 24 hours upon generation to protect your account. BDO clarifies though that a withdrawal QR code is different from the account QR code used to send money.
To withdraw, tap “QR Code Transaction” on the ATM screen and allow the machine to scan your QR Code. Pick if you would like a receipt or not, then wait for the machine to dispense your cash.
BDO is looking at installing more QR-enabled ATMs in the country.
Learn more about the feature and find the nearest branch at bdo.com.ph/withdraw-via-qr-code. – Press release