April 18, 2024

City officials asked the barangays to provide first aid kits in the identified wellness areas in their respective halls or senior citizen centers.

Under Resolution 677, s. 2023, the city council stated the presence of wellness areas in the barangay halls or senior citizens centers promotes and encourage the elders to be actively involved in physical activities which contribute to overall physical and mental health; prevent and manage diseases and other illnesses; and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The city council resolution is an adoption of the proposal of the Senior Citizens Officials for-a-Day (Scofad) session in October that requested the barangays to provide first aid kits and identify a wellness area in their barangay halls or senior citizen centers.

The council said the majority of the senior citizens associations hold office in the barangay halls, except for a few that do not have a senior citizens center.

The body added because of their active involvement and participation in barangay activities, first aid kits must be provided in the wellness area duly identified to be able to immediately respond to medical emergencies that may transpire involving senior citizens and other barangay residents needing help.

The council added the identified wellness area can be used by the senior citizens for their physical and emotional engagements such as exercise, for camaraderie, and to be able to spend quality time with fellow elderly.

Funds for the endeavor will be sourced from the senior citizens fund or any available source from the barangays. – PIO release