June 14, 2024

FESTIVAL OF TALENTS — Madison Gabrielle V. Tambo (4th from left), a Grade 10 student of Baguio City National High School-Special Program of the Arts, won as champion in the Pinta-Husay event of the 2024 Regional Festival of Talents held at SM City Baguio recently. The student was earlier named in the article and photo caption as Madison Veniegas.

I would like to humbly bring to your attention one of the articles published on the May 12, 2024 issue of the Midland Courier.
The article was titled, “Baguio student paints to the top in regional arts contest” written by Jenfrey Benafin.
It referred to the winner of the PintaHusay event as Madison B. Veniegas of Baguio City National High School-Special Program of the Arts.
But the student’s name is Madison Gabrielle V. Tambo. The writer might have confused her middle name as her last name.
Since your venerable newspaper is the number one source of news here in our region, it meant so much to Madison and all of us who love and support her to have her achievement published in your paper. We would greatly appreciate it if her correct name be shown. — CIELO MORALES, Baguio City