June 14, 2024

The Baguio City Police Office conducted a comprehensive Barangay Peacekeeping Action Team (BPAT) seminar on May 8 at the CDRRMO building in Barangay Lower Rock Quarry.

Lt/Col. Domingo M. Gambican, BCPO Deputy City Director for Operations, welcomed the 150 BPAT volunteers, as he underscored the importance of cultivating skilled and dependable BPAT members as partners of the local police in upholding public order, especially in the aspects of traffic management, implementation of city ordinances, and enhancement of crime prevention and awareness efforts.

Department of the Interior and Local Government City Director Millicent Cariño, guest of honor and speaker, thanked the BCPO for conducting initiatives to strengthen the city’s BPAT, highlighting their invaluable expertise and guidance in equipping BPAT with the skills and knowledge to fulfill their roles.

Cariño stressed on the active involvement of the community in ensuring safety and security.

“Peace and security are not passive outcomes but active pursuits that demand the commitment and support of every member of society,” she said.

The three-day seminar included lectures on the BPAT’s duties and responsibilities, city ordinances, nature of investigation, and basic movement on how to use yantok or arnis.

The seminar aimed to enhance the partnership between the police and the community in crime prevention and solution, fostering effective communication between barangays and the police. – Press release