June 21, 2024

The Baguio City Police Office updated its guidelines on the operation of quarantine control points.

In a memorandum issued as of 8 p.m. of April 2, City Police Director Col. Allen Rae Co said all BCPO personnel are now required to wear masks, gloves, and face shields at all times and shall maintain a daily diary.

All personnel who are not feeling well or are feeling the symptoms of the Covid-19 are required to immediately report to the BCPO administration office.

Since Baguio is on 24-hour curfew, police shall ensure that citizens are at home.

A special taxi service was established to cater to those needing emergency medical care (hotline number 0923-620-7038. No other taxi units are allowed to be roaming around the streets except on extreme emergencies.

Jeepneys will also be deployed as another mode of transport for people going to the market and to work. Special permits from BCPO have been issued.

Private vehicles may be used. Motorcycles and bicycles are allowed as means of transportation but angkas are not allowed in view of the strict implementation of physical distancing.

Authorized persons outside their residences (APOR) shall be allowed to move freely within the city and are exempt from the curfew.

Health workers are to be given priority at all times and shall not be made to queue and be delayed while in transit.

For media personnel, company IDs shall suffice as proof of identity.

Marked vehicles of utility companies like the Baguio Water District, Benguet Electric Cooperative, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, garbage trucks, and delivery and cargo trucks shall have freedom of movement at all hours within the city without need for a special permit.

Express lanes have been established in checkpoints for health workers, government employees, security services emergency vehicles, cargo trucks, and marked government vehicles but occupants shall still be subjected to thermal scan.

Physical distancing shall strictly be observed in all establishments and all places, to include those in vehicles, at all times.

All commuters and pedestrians shall be required to wear masks before being allowed entry into the city.

Non-residents of Baguio will not be allowed entry into the city, but residents of La Trinidad, Itogon, Sablan, Tublay, Tuba shall be considered as residents of the city. As such, they shall allowed entry but restriction and/limitations implemented on residents of Baguio shall also apply to them while within the city.

Residents from other towns entering the city for medical care shall be granted entry without need for a special pass. This shall include those availing regular dialysis treatments.

For travel within the city of ferry services to include those carrying people from other places working in the city, a special permit shall be secured from the office of the BCPO director.

Sari-sari stores shall be allowed to operate until 8 p.m.

Jogging and exercising at whatever time in the city is prohibited.

For Barangay Pinget, no one is allowed to go in and out of the barangay except for APOR and during their market day.

All checkpoints established by barangays at national or provincial roads shall be under the supervision of the Philippine National Police.

To give more space to those who will buy at the market, jeepneys that used to have staging areas at the market have been transferred and only delivery vehicles are allowed inside. Signs to guide the public on entrance and exit points have been also been installed.

For APOR, BCPO personnel were told to look for special permit from BCPO for jeepneys and ID card or certificate of employment.

The BCPO also requires permits for private vehicles used to ferry employees.

Other private vehicles do not need to present any permit as long as the occupants are authorized to be out.

Sunday is lockdown day. The BCPO said only APOR and those in medical emergencies may be allowed to go out.

Vital establishments such as groceries and drugstores shall remain open except those located within the market.

Senior citizens are given the privilege to use this day as their grocery day, the BCPO said.

The BCPO also reminded that in their operations, they should exercise maximum tolerance and respect human rights.

“In these trying times, let us not make it more difficult for our citizens. Ensure that all steps should be taken to avoid undue delays and minimize the inconvenience that they will suffer,” Co said in the memorandum. – BCPO release