June 23, 2024

To boost the number of skilled investigators and step up crime solution efficiency in the city, the Baguio City Police Office has opened a Criminal Investigation Course (CIC) in a ceremony held at PSSLAI Building, Ben Palispis Highway on May 14.

Fifty personnel will compose the CIC Class 1054-2024.

The initiative, spearheaded by BCPO Director Col. Francisco B. Bulwayan, Jr., aims to rectify the discrepancy in the staffing of its units as the BCPO aspires to achieve the standard ratio where investigators constitute 17 percent of the total personnel.

Funded by the city government, the course pushed through with BCPO’s coordination with the Police Regional Office-Cordillera’s Regional Learning and Doctrine Development Division (RLDDD) and Regional Special Training Unit (RSTU).

Bulwayan underscored the importance of investigation training in improving the proficiency of the police force to ensure a fair and impartial resolution of criminal cases.

“When we achieve this, we provide our community the assurance that their safety and security are not compromised,” he added.

For 35 days, the participants will acquire knowledge in investigative techniques, laws, profiling, and analysis.

The aspiring investigators will receive comprehensive instruction and develop their analytical, intuitive, and investigative skills to prepare them for confronting evolving criminal behaviors in the field.

This increase in skilled personnel is expected to improve the city’s crime-solving efficiency, thereby promoting a safer community. – Press release