April 21, 2024

Personnel of the Baguio City Police Office-Station 7 conducted an Oplan Kapkap-Bakal-Sita on March 24 at a local shopping center where bars are located.
The operation is carried out to ensure that areas prone to disorder, crime, and problems caused by alcohol, rage, and other factors are monitored for the safety of the public. It is conducted daily from around six until midnight.
The operations include police doing searches of customers for possible weapons such as ice picks, knives, and even guns to prevent any untoward incidents that may cause harm to themselves and others.
“Operations like this truly help because it might be a tiring procedure to the police but it assures us that we are safe. When we go out with my friends we enjoy the night because we are not scared of what danger awaits us,” a customer of one of the establishments said.
A second-year female student taking Bachelor in Forensic Science added, “This should be mandatory because there are a lot of bars in Baguio and fights are prone in these establishments; mostly there are young people here.”
“ID should be properly checked at all establishments that offer alcoholic beverages making sure that customers are truly of age. There should always be proof of legality and birthdays should be easily seen. Bars that allow minors must be made accountable for their actions as there will be an increase of juvenile delinquency in Baguio,” she added.
The BCPO is encouraging the public to enjoy their evenings out with family and friends but reminding them to always drink moderately. – Joshua Walitang