June 14, 2024

IDEALISMUS VERSUS REALISMUS; vel Idealismus et Realismus? (“Idealism versus Realism; or Idealism and Realism?”)
YES, IS IT a versus/vs; or, an and? a juxtaposition, or a conjunction?
IN COLLEGE DAYS, these were ‘trends’ – not only among Philosophy teachers, but among others too – of other fields and, especially: of us – their students and admiring youthful, ehmanbahdeg.
WE WERE ‘BELIEVERS’ – or ‘Followers’ of-sort, of the articulating, practicing, or exemplifying teachers; and often: our co-students hear us, or we hear them, say some immortal comments like:
I LIKE Mme. Dimagives – she is a confirmed Idealist; you know, she says ‘that all we see, interpret, talk about, and perceive, as such are just “copies” of original, archetypal Ideas’. And so, in class discussions, she never accepts any ‘side’ as “final” and executory. Her final remarks usually end with:
‘LET US LEAVE the issue as an open-ended one yet.. until, some time when we are able to identify a valid source, an almost immutable one?’ or this: ‘we cannot just conclude now, and change viewpoints next meeting; surely, you agree that the discovery of the ultimate, irrefutable, proof cannot just obtain in this spur-of-the-moment class period of ours today? and so on. Or, another comment-example like:
OH, HOW I adore the way Mr. X explains Realism in everyday life. He says ‘when you see a mountain, it’s a mountain all right; [that] imagining it’s a ‘mere copy?’ of an Idee or Idea, will just be a waste of time and precious energy. Ain’t that right, mah friend?’ and still another one:
“BUT I REST more confidence on MR. X & Z: he never disowns the points for Idealism, Realism, Naturalism, Pragmatism, Existentialism, or what have you.
“SOMEHOW HE ALWAYS cites a relationship – or inter-relationships of the Philosophical inclinations. When he gets inspired somewhat, he’ll give you some “blends” – and his wit and humour – this never escapes you, does it? We’ve been classmates in some of his subjects and you know that”.
AND FROM THE audience, you see some nodding; some smiling; L-a-u-g-h-s bridled and not. But the bell rings and the youthfuls disperse – enroute to their next classes respective. Meanwhile..
YOU’RE LEFT ALONE – it’s your Vacant period – two subjects; so, two hours. How does it ‘feel’ – de facto or ‘actually’, to be really alone – in that venue when minutes ago you were with classmates and/or friends – old and new, etc. inter-acting, co-listening, enjoying; but now that you’re one and alone there,
DO YOU WISH you were not? Do you long to be with them again – after classes – next day, or next time? Or, are you
‘JUST OKAY’? NOT missing anything at all – even reminding yourself of what your Philo teachers are wont to say, like:
“THINGS ARE NOT as complicated as they appear”; or, “there are many blessings of being alone”; or, “at times, you need some ‘space’ to recover and re-wind (and, this: you can have it) by Being alone – in the literal Sense of the word, i.e. minus the company of friends, minus the ‘noises’ of human rancor, and others to these related,
WHETHER AN IDEALIST, a Realist, or any of the allied – or contesting persuasions, no one but you ‘alone’ can manage your being alone, de facto. Ayuhh sha!