June 17, 2024

Members and consumers of Benguet Electric Cooperative who continue to be assessed with arrearages and penalties due to payment in unauthorized agents have been asked to present their receipts for reconciliation of records.

In an advisory posted on website and social media account of the Beneco, Acting General Manager Ramel Rifani said as the utility is in the process of reconciling payments made to banks and other payment channels, members and consumers were advised to submit proof of payment to its Consumer Welfare Office at the Beneco headquarters at South Drive, Baguio City

Rifani said previously submitted proof of payment is already included in their records for reconciliation. However, posting of verified payments will be done only after reconciliation of with banks and other payment channels.

In October 2021, the camp of National Electrification Administration-appointee Ana Maria Paz Rafael took over the Beneco headquarters in South Drive and collected payments.

However, payments made at South Drive and in some banks were not recorded in Beneco resulting in arrears and penalties reflecting on the bill of members-consumers.

The Beneco, then under the direction of Licoben, decided not to disconnect the electric connection of members-consumers but arrearages and penalties continued to reflect on the monthly bills pending the resolution of the management row at the utility then.

On Jan. 11, the NEA removed all BOD of the Beneco for misuse of funds based on its 2018 to 2021 audit; suspended Licoben for simple negligence, and recalled Rafael’s contract.

An interim board led by Steve Cating has been appointed to steer the direction of Beneco for the next six months, until a next GM is appointed.

The NEA has recently deployed two teams to audit the transactions of the Rafael and Licoben camps commencing from the former’s appointment. – Rimaliza A. Opiña