March 3, 2024

Here’s one thing electricity consumers should look into: Their distribution utility’s rank in terms of the kilowatt-hour cost of power.

Data released by Energy Intel Ph, an independentdigital initiative that advocates energy literacy among Filipinos, showed that Benguet Electric Cooperative, so far, has the lowest residential rate among thegrid-connected distribution utilities in the country.

The dataculled from the Energy Regulatory Commission showed that Benecohas an effective electricity rate for residential consumers at P6.77/kWh. Effective electricity rate is defined as the average rate of all electricity charges, which do notincludeuniversal charges and value added tax.

The Camiguin Electric Cooperative topped the list with a rate of P14.33/kWh.

Energy Intel Ph has compared the 2019 rates of the 102 grid-connected utilities that have available data in the ERC database.

Beneco is the only electric cooperative in the Cordillera that has a data with the ERC based on the list provided by the Energy Intel Ph.

Among the 15 off-grid or the subsidized distribution utilities, the Tablas Island Electric Cooperative (Romblon) has the lowest rate at P6.65/kWh, while the Lubang Electric Cooperative (Occidental Mindoro) has the highest rate at P12.02/kWh.

The generation rates of off-grid electric cooperatives are subsidized through the missionary electrification component of the universal charge, a charge paid by all electricity consumers in the country.

Energy Intel Ph is an online initiative created by industry professionals with background on policy research and development, power system planning, industry management, regulatory compliance, and business development.

Based on its profile, it envisions an energy-literate and empowered citizenry that is cognizant of the dynamics of the energy sector, how it impacts their daily lives, and what actions they can do for its further improvement.

It aims to provide an accessible, interactive, and collaborative online platform where a common citizen can gain knowledge and other value-adding information about the energy sector, its multiple facets, and continuous developments. – Jane B. Cadalig