May 23, 2024

Burning garbage, throwing lighted cigarette butts elsewhere, and unplugged electrical appliances are the common causes of fire incidents in the city.

This is according to the Bureau of Fire Protection-Baguio City that reported in January, they responded to five structural fire incidents.

BFP personnel and volunteers also helped in suppressing a forest fire in Sto. Tomas.

Last year, 28 fire incidents occurred from January to March according to Fire Supt. Marisol Odiver. Majority were forest fires followed by structural fires and vehicular fires. 

Through the years, the BFP has been coming up to the conclusion that most of the incidents were due to human activities such as burning garbage and lighted cigarettes which ignite grass and forest fire and cause structural fire when unattended.

Odiver said the structural fires were private residences and are not required to secure a fire safety inspection certificate unlike commercial establishments. 

The BFP Baguio continues to educate the public on fire safety prevention and control through social media and other information education campaign platforms to campaign on fire safety.

Odiver appealed to the public to ensure they can contribute in the prevention of fire incidents in the city by making sure they always close their gas tanks and put off lighted candles before leaving their houses. 

She also advised the public to avoid octopus electrical connections in their houses to prevent the occurrence of untoward incidents that might trigger fire incidents. 

In case of fire and other emergencies, dial 911 directly in your mobile phone or any of the BFP hotlines 442-7930/443-7089/442-2222, 0912-409-6114, Aurora Hill Fire Station Hotline 661-7169/0938-978-5155, and Quirino Hill Fire Station Hotline 619-9798/0931-961-6312. – Jessa Mardy P. Samidan