June 24, 2024

The Baguio Fire Department is eyeing the put up of two fire substations in strategic areas in the city to boost its firefighting capabilities.
City Fire Marshal Nestor Gorio said the areas being considered are Pacdal and along Marcos Highway.
The Baguio Fire Department has fire substations in Aurora Hill, Quirino Hill, and Irisan.
He said put up of substations in strategic areas will help in efficiently and effectively responding to calls in their areas of jurisdiction to avoid extensive damage.
He added personnel compliment of the Baguio Fire Department is steadily increasing because of the annual hiring of fire officers.
From 60 to 70 personnel, the Fire Department’s manpower increased to 87, which is why some of them were reassigned to the fire substations for better emergency response.
Aside from hiring additional personnel, the Baguio Fire Department continues to partner with the barangays for the organization of fire brigade volunteers and the private sector for the creation of their own firefighting teams that could be tapped when a fire breaks out.
He assured the areas being proposed as the sites for the put up of additional fire substations have substantial sources of water.
He reminded the public to be extra careful during the dry season because of the potential increase in fire incidents due to open flame, unattended lighted candle, deliberately disposed cigarette butts, and children playing with matches or lighters. – PIO release