February 29, 2024

Every living thing has its own binomial nomenclature or scientific names. That includes humans, scientifically called the homo sapiens.
Just like humans, trees are also living things; they grow, they suffer, they die. This only shows that trees are just as important as humans. What only separates humans from trees is that humans could think, so use that ability to take care of every creation.
In fact, trees can survive without humans, but humans could never survive without trees or plants. Trees provide the oxygen that humans breathe and it takes in the carbon dioxide that humans release. Trees provide humans and animals shelter, trees provide not just humans but including animals, food. Most of the planet’s animals are dependent on plants and trees.
As Baguio is labeled as the City of Pines, keep it that way. Keep not just the title but the fact that it is a place with cool and fresh air. Keep Baguio as the city that cares about its environment. Return the favor that the trees provide us. Never take advantage of the environment we live in. Remember that humans are not the only ones affected when these trees are gone. Animals will be gone too.
Stand up for what is right, not for what is fun. Amusement parks are fun until you realize the air you breathe while laughing with your family is getting thinner. Imagine the fun of just enjoying life while sitting under a green tree inhaling the fresh air it provides. Keep the environment clean and green. Protect the trees and protect the future of the next generations. — Jenny Barrientos Cruz