April 14, 2024

BANGUED, Abra – The Bureau of Internal Revenue District Office has upgraded services for smoother and faster transactions with clients.

BIR-Bangued Client Support Section Chief Karen Zales Beleno said transaction at their office is now more systematic and orderly since their ISO certification last year.

“For every transaction tayo, maysa nga counter ken tatta urayen da daydiay papel da. Mas maayos na ang transaction. Dagidiay transactions tayo tatta ket naan-annayas kasi at least ammom nu sino ti papanam nga counter,” she said.

Processing time has also improved with the Electronic One-Time Transaction (eONETT) System and tax clearance transactions, which are also ISO-certified.

Beleno said with the faster transactions online, clients need not to come back for their papers to be processed.

“Na-improve din ang processing time kasi hinihintay na nila ‘yung papel nila except when there is a high volume of transactions. Limited gamin diay IRIS mi ken Internet-dependent,” she said.

She said intermittent Internet signal sometimes become a challenge in speeding up the processing of requests.

Aside from increasing their Internet subscription for better connection, Beleno said they have also improved communication and resolution of system issues so they can continue to render efficient services to their clients.

“We have group chats for faster communication of issues. Saan kasla idi nga no nagawan ket mabayag. Tatta ket ibaga mi no offline. Minutes laeng ta ireport mo nga insigida, insigida met nga ma-resolve,” she said.

The BIR Revenue District Office in Bangued was ISO certified in May 2023 while their eONETT System and tax clearance transactions were certified in October last year.

ISO is a set of quality management systems standards set by the International Organization for Standardization, an independent body that develops standards to ensure the quality, safety, and efficiency of the products or services provided by businesses or organizations. – Jam Joie Malingan