May 18, 2024

The Bureau of Internal Revenue-Cordillera has surpassed its 2019 collection target by 5.3 percent, exceeding the collection by P326 million, an official said.
The region’s collection is P6,437,149,712 against the P6,110,505,000 target.
The collection also posted a 17.29 percent increase compared to the 2018 collection of P5.2 billion.
BIR-Cordillera Director Douglas Rufino said they focused their attention on the tourism establishments operating in the region, particularly those in Baguio City in the last quarter of 2019.
Rufino said they talked to the tourism-related establishments to boost their collection and achieve the region’s goal.
He said through the revenue district offices in the provinces, they talked to the establishment owners to update their tax collection.
“We know that whether it is a big or small tourism-related establishment like hotels and restaurants, they are earning from October to December,” Rufino said.
He also thanked the business establishments that agreed to pay their taxes in 2019, allowing the region to reach its target revenue collection.
Rufino said in focusing their attention on the tourism enterprises, there is no reason for establishments not to pay their correct taxes when they are earning so much.
He cited as an establishment that pays P100 as tax during the off-peak season.
However, it is impossible during the peak season as tourism enterprises are actually earning from the tourists who visit the places, especially in Baguio.
Rufino, who was returned to the Cordillera in September 2019 after being assigned to Pampanga in 2018, said he came back with a low collection figure.
“I needed to reach the targets and we had to move fast to attain our goal,” he said.
“We are happy with the effort exerted by the district collectors,” Rufino added. – PNA release