April 14, 2024

BONTOC, Mountain Province – This town has achieved 83 percent of the desired 95 percent target rate of eligible children to be vaccinated in the Measles-Rubella and Oral Polio Vaccine Supplemental Immunization Activity (MR-OPV-SIA) as of May 22. 

During last week’s flag raising ceremony, Municipal Health Officer Diga Kay Gomez announced Bontoc recorded 85.01 percent coverage in the MR vaccine shot and 88.06 percent for the OPV for children aged zero to 59 months under the “Chikiting Ligtas” campaign.

In Barangay Alab Proper, there were 46 children vaccinated for measles and 56 were provided with OPV; Alab Oriente, 26 for MR and 32 for OPV; Balili, 22 for MR and 34 for OPV; Can-eo, 46 for MR and 49 for OPV; Dalican, 57 for MR and 72 for OPV; Gonogon, 31 for MR and 34 for OPV; Guina-ang, 73 for MR and 88 for OPV. 

In Mainit, 72 kids were vaccinated for MR and 85 for OPV; Maligcong, 36 for MR and 39 for OPV; Samoki, 173 for MR and 222 for OPV; Talubin, 78 for MR and 99 for OPV; Tocucan, 57 for MR and 67 for OPV; Poblacion, 159 for MR and 190 for OPV; and Caluttit, 147 for MR and 190 for OPV. 

Having the largest population among the barangays, Bontoc Ili has the largest target number with 273 vaccinations for MR and 314 administered for OPV. Bayyo has 13 vaccinations for MR and 18 for OPV. 

With this, the first wave of herd vaccinations had been completed in all barangays of Bontoc. 

Mayor Jerome Tudlong, Jr. called on parents and guardians to have their children receive their shots of the MR-OPV. 

“The vaccine is free, effective, and has been proven safe by science and long-term studies by health experts. It protects our children against contagious and deadly diseases like measles, rubella, and polio,” he said.

The MR-OPV-SIA is part of the Department of Health’s campaign in collaboration with the LGUs to break the chain of transmission of poliovirus and measles by ensuring at least 95 percent of infants and children zero to 59 months years old in all regions are immunized. 

Members of the Rapid Convenience Monitoring Team (RCMT) from the DOH-Cordillera also went to Bontoc to develop recommendations for LGUs on how to enhance their respective herd immunization strategies following house-to-house inspections and interviews.

The members of the RCMT are Medical Officer IV Shelly M. Aral, Midwife VI Marylee Piluden, Health Program Officer II Jesselyn Pelayo, Health Program Officer II Frizzel Denver Palbusa, and Psychometrician Jezer Von Luy. – Alpine L. Killa-Malwagay and Shannon Althea S. Pagaduan