March 4, 2024
ANTI-DENGUE DRIVE — Employees of the local government of Bontoc participated in the simultaneous clean-up drive in the municipality as an immediate intervention to address the increasing number of dengue, chikungunya, and typhoid fever cases. —  Kayna Casey Shalou Ubongen

BONTOC, Mountain Province – Employees of the local government unit, personnel of the Bontoc Municipal Police Station, Criminology interns of the Mountain Province State Polytechnic College, barangay officials, and the community started their day last Oct. 4 by participating in the simultaneous clean-up drive to help address the increasing number of chikungunya, dengue, typhoid fever, and conjunctivitis cases in the municipality.

The activity was part of the LGU’s commitment to maintain a healthy and safe environment as well as to encourage and remind the public of the importance of sanitation.

The clean-up was in compliance to Memorandum Order 106-2023, signed by Mayor Jerome Tudlong directing barangay officials to take the lead in informing and mobilizing their constituents to participate in the clean-up.

On the part of the LGU, elected officials and employees were directed to clean their offices and premises.

To prevent the spread of these diseases, Municipal Health Officer Diga Kay Gomez reiterated that individuals who are experiencing sore eyes refrain from engaging in actions that involve extensive physical contact, such as handshakes. She suggested using a fist bump as a safer alternative when greeting others.

For students, she recommended that they wear pants temporarily as a precautionary measure against mosquito bites. She also reminded about the importance of regular hand washing and sanitizing. – Alpine K. Malwagay and Nicole Shane Fidchao