February 23, 2024

The provincial board of Benguet proposed to create a provincial book development board that will help document and publish high-quality materials that will preserve the culture of the province.

In a proposed ordinance, there will be an establishment of the board called Development Board for Information Materials and Books on Home (Dibsho). Dibsho in the Ibaloy language means book. 

“The documentation and publication of the narrative history and culture of the local government through information materials and books on home are essential not only for preserving the unique identity and heritage of the province but also for promoting understanding, appreciation, and awareness of the shared history and cultural diversity within the locality,” the ordinance stated.

The board shall promote the development, creation and dissemination of high-quality information materials and books on relevant subjects within the province. It shall also coordinate the programs of the various offices who are conducting book development or research.

The ordinance stated the board shall promote the development of indigenous authorship and translations among various language groups in Benguet.

The board shall promote book publication and readership among the youth through programs on literary and good reading habits, book fairs, summits and exhibits and an efficient province-wide system of book production, libraries and reading centers. 

It shall also inculcate the concept of intellectual property ownership and to protect the rights of authors and publishers and provide legal assistance to them if needed.

The board shall also facilitate the provincial publication of at least one book about Benguet annually.

A technical working group shall be created for these projects as needed.

The board members shall be designated by the governor while the Provincial Library shall serve as the secretariat. The chairperson and members of the board shall also serve a term of three years and may be reappointed. – Ofelia C. Empian