April 16, 2024

The City Environment and Parks Management Office is currently rehabilitating a natural stream and establishing an eco-trail along its bank for an immersive ecological experience that will serve as a new offering of the Baguio Botanical Garden come 2023.
“This new attraction will provide a meaningful experience for park-goers as they navigate the restored stream that was once ruined by human-induced pollution,” Cepmo head, Atty. Rhenan Diwas, said.
He said Cepmo aims “to inspire the park-goers to actively participate in restoring rivers and streams to its natural functions that will enhance biodiversity.”
He said rivers are important natural habitats for different plants and animals and along the eco-trail, the vast species of plants and trees, especially the indigenous and endemic ones, were planted in the hope of reestablishing a home for the endemic birds and other species in the locality.
“Park-goers will see clear water that is a home for aquatic species native to the place.  This immersive experience targets more of the locals than the tourists,” Diwas said.
“The community in a highly urbanized city should realize that a vibrant environment, lush greenery and a clean river are not fantasy. It can be real. It is in fact the natural state of things. And we have the power, as community, to recreate it not for ourselves but for our children to witness and enjoy.”
The new attraction is targeted for opening in 2023. – Aileen P. Refuerzo