March 5, 2024

The Ifugao State University (IFSU) lauded the three barangays of Lagawe for resolving their long-standing boundary disputes through the hidit, an indigenous practice of reconciling boundary conflicts.
Before the amicable settlement, barangays Dulao, Olilicon, and Tupaya claimed their areas cover 291 hectares.
The municipal council of Lagawe created a task force to mediate.
Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems Center Director Eulalie D. Dulnuan, was among those selected as mediator.
Last month, the barangays agreed to perform the hidit and culminate the amicable settlement process, which was hosted by Barangay Tupaya.
“IFSU is honored to be one of the juries in this historic case. Our participation in this kind of conflict resolution is one of our functions as a university – to extend services in our communities,” said Dulnuan.
The hidit reminds us that there are indigenous knowledge and practices that we can maximize to have fair decisions for all parties involved. IFSU will use this example in its IKSP (Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices) subjects to promote the importance of indigenous knowledge and practices in resolving boundary disputes.” – Press release