February 22, 2024

A city councilor is seeking the establishment of a hotline and an online portal to cater to the needs of residents looking for the services of skilled workers.
Councilor Lilia Fariñas proposed an ordinance that sought to establish a barangay employment services hotline or an online portal that contains the list of registered laborers who may be tapped for their services.
Registered laborers may include carpenters, masons, plumbers, electricians, house maids or helpers, nurses, caregivers, masseurs or massage therapists, automotive mechanics, gardeners, and babysitters.
Fariñas said the barangay hotline or online portal will help residents get services from competent and trustworthy laborers.
Laborers who are interested to sign up should provide their names, addresses, contact numbers, certificates, and licenses, if any. They should also provide other information to establish their “competence and trustworthiness.”
Fariñas expressed hope that the measure will help provide jobs for skilled workers,
The ordinance added that laborers where the resident looking for services lives should be prioritized.
Salaries and labor charges will be declared in the registration forms but can be subject to negotiations with clients. 
A form that will allow the laborer and the client to evaluate each other will also be provided.
The proposal sought the allocation of P3,072,000 to pay for the telephone and Internet subscription of barangays for one year. After the one-year subscription, the barangays will shoulder the expenses. – Jordan G. Habbiling