June 14, 2024

The recent Cordillera Administrative Region Association of State Universities and Colleges (Carasuc) Athletic Meet 2024 held in Apayao, was both a celebration of athletes’ prowess and a testament to the dedication of coaches – the unsung heroes of the games.
While athletes showcase their grit and talent, coaches stand behind them, their contributions often remaining unseen. Coaching in state-funded institutions is a labor of love for these dedicated individuals. Already juggling multiple responsibilities as teaching and non-teaching staff, they take on the additional task of mentoring athletes without monetary compensation.
During the games, their passion is palpable. From the sidelines, they roar instructions, quench players’ thirst, and offer words of encouragement – a secret language born from shared experience. Their support extends beyond the public eye, with countless hours spent strategizing, nurturing potential, and even acting as surrogate parents.
In an era dominated by digital entertainment, coaches play a crucial role. They are the bridge connecting with younger generations, who are digital natives. Coaches reignite young minds with the thrill of competition and the value of physical activity.
Their dedication inspires athletes to push past exhaustion and chase their dreams, one grueling practice session at a time.
Coaches are driven by a multitude of motivations – a passion for the sport, a desire to mentor, or perhaps a chance to relive their athletic dreams vicariously through their players. Regardless of their reason, one thing remains constant: their steadfast belief in their athletes, even when the athletes doubt themselves.
Coaches possess a unique skill – the ability to recognize raw talent and mold it into something extraordinary. They are the silent and often invisible foundation upon which every sports champion builds their success.
So, cheers to all the coaches!