April 13, 2024

■  Ofelia C. Empian

Tuba, Benguet pride and Philippines’ top lady darter Giselle Bulahao is preparing for her foray in soft-dart competition.

In a post in Dartsworld Philippines, Bulahao has dec-lined the invitation to join the 17th ADA International Darts Tour in Hong Kong early this month, stating she needs to prepare for soft-tip dart competitions.

Bulahao said she is currently learning the game mechanics and beginning to throw soft tip darts.

Steel tip darts are designed to be used on a traditional bristle dart board, whereas soft tip darts are primarily used on plastic or electronic dart boards. The plastic dart boards have pre-molded holes to hold the soft tip darts. These darts are commonly used on electronic machines, which score automatically.

The 29-year-old Bulahao said she might be able to join soft-tip dart competitions next year. 

National Darts Federation of the Philippines President Florencio Noel, who asked Bulahao to join the competition, lauded her and all other lady darters and said they will need to prepare to join more soft-tip dart tournaments.

“Giselle and all the upcoming lady darters will need to familiarize with how the game is played because it’s a different ballgame. But with practice, I’m sure they can perfect it,” Noel said.

Earlier, Bulahao has emerged as champion in the Malaysian Open and Johor Open 2023 ladies’ singles titles.

Bulahao, who remains to be the country’s top ranked lady darter, defeated Indian national champion Mahi Bosmia, 3-0, during the finals of the Malaysian Open.

Bosmia at 17 years old earlier ousted Pinay Hall of famer Jan-jan Hinojales in the quarterfinals.

She also topped the Johor Open at the expense of Philippine Open 2023 champion Mylene Santos. Bulahao also defeated Santos in the semifinals of the Malaysian ladies’ open.