June 21, 2024

Nearly 42 percent of Baguio City’s Covid-19 cases from March 2020 to December 2021 are unvaccinated.
City Epidemiologist Donnabel Panes said Baguio had a total of 16,283 positive cases since the start of vaccination in March 2021. Of the total cases, 41.39 percent were unvaccinated, which included children who are not yet eligible for vaccination; 32.99 percent were fully vaccinated; 12.79 percent were partially vaccinated, and less than one percent had availed of the booster shot.
Panes said more than 85 percent of the individuals who got infected after getting their full dose of vaccines were either asymptomatic or only experienced mild symptoms and did not require hospitalization.
For December 2021, five of the eight deaths related to Covid-19 were unvaccinated.
“We have seen a 30 percent decrease in hospitalization among Covid-19 patients since most of our cases now have mild symptoms and we can attribute this to our high vaccination rate as well as compliance to health protocols particularly wearing of masks,” Panes said.
With the threat of Omicron variant, Panes said the CHSO is on heightened alert in monitoring Covid-19 patient admissions in hospitals.
“Even if Omicron is more infectious, at least its symptoms are mild and we can avoid overwhelming our hospitals since we have the vaccine as our protection against severe infection and hospitalization,” Panes said. – Jessa Samidan