March 4, 2024

The Baguio Water District shall go beyond its boundaries as it revisits its targets to implement and complete at least 10 well-drilling projects annually for the next three years.

In line with its goal to provide adequate and potable water supply to all customers, BWD will intensify its water source exploration programs until 2026 to sustain the water supply and meet the increasing artificial demand due to migration and commercialization within its jurisdiction.

BWD General Manager Engr. Salvador M. Royeca recently announced that more exploration programs are already in the pipeline as part of the district’s long-term solution to the ever-growing water needs particularly in the city.

“We already revamped our exploration programs to address the water needs of our customers. BWD has already programmed to implement and complete 10 well-drilling projects yearly.” Royeca said.

Previously, BWD set its annual target to complete and commission at least two new deepwells yearly. With the renewal of its commitment, BWD has set its eyes to surpass its normal productivity in terms of commissioning new groundwater sources.

“We have to be aggressive in acquiring new water sources, this is the only way we can ensure to meet our customer’s expectations.” Royeca said.

He said BWD is looking to source around 8,000 to 10,000 cubic meters of water per day in addition to its current daily water production.

On average, BWD produces 45,000 to 48,000 cubic meters of potable water daily. This could be augmented to 50,000 to 52,000 cubic meters daily depending on the actual production and situation of the district’s present water sources.

During peak season, the artificial demand brought about by the influx of tourists and visitors increases to approximately 65,000 cubic meters of water or more daily.

Earlier, BWD reported two of the six proposed well-drilling projects for 2023 are scheduled to be completed and commissioned before the year ends, namely the Kennon Road-Zigzag deepwell and the Gibraltar 2 deepwell. Once found productive, these deepwells will augment the water supply in surrounding areas and will be among the contingency plans for the forecasted El Niño next year.

Meanwhile, the South Drive 2 and Richwood (Easter Road-Guisad) well-drilling projects were recently awarded to their respective contractors.

More areas with proposed well-drilling projects are likewise in the pipeline, including Ramsey in Bakakeng, Montinola along Kisad Road, and an identified site along Ferguson Road. A potential drilling site along Balacbac Road is also being evaluated. – Mark Victor Pasagoy