May 24, 2024
COMPLETING WATER INTERCONNECTION — Photos above show the pipelaying conducted by Baguio Water District personnel along the tributaries of Balili River to complete the Old Lucban-Dizon-Quezon Hill-Easter-Pinsao interconnection and augmentation programs. — BWD file photos

Baguio Water District consumers under supply areas 2 and 3 will benefit from an improved water schedule after completion of the BWD’s augmentation and water supply improvement projects.

In line with BWD’s program to provide equitable water supply, consumers in parts of Quezon Hill, Fairview, Pinsao Pilot, Central Guisad, Pucay, and Tacay will start to enjoy a thrice-a-week schedule from the former twice-a-week schedule effective Sept. 10.

This is after the pipelaying and augmentation projects have been completed to improve the water supplied by the BWD Sanggalang tank and BWD Pinsao-2 pumping station.

The augmentation program will source additional water from the BWD Old Lucban deepwell and will be conveyed towards the distribution facilities along Dizon Subdivision on the way to Quezon Hill towards Easter Road and eventually to Pinsao.

In April, BWD completed the interconnection project to augment the supply of the Old Lucban deepwell from the Malvar deepwell addressing water supply concerns in parts of Pinget, Pinsao, Fairview, Magsaysay, Quirino Hill, and Tam-awan.

BWD reiterates its advise to the public to continue observing water conservation practices in anticipation of the possible effects of the El Niño phenomenon.

Customers are further advised to install water storage facilities such as tanks, drums, or other containers with a three-day backup water supply in case scheduled or unscheduled water service interruptions might affect the normal water distribution. Further, the installation of a sump tank and boosters in order to pump water to elevated water storage facilities is highly encouraged as these are parts of the standard water system set-up, especially in elevated residences. – Press release