June 24, 2024

The fighter that I saw climb into his last bout was but a shadow of his old self.
His legs were gone, and his punches weren’t finding their mark.
No, it wasn’t Yordenis Ugas who did him in, it was father time.
When old age catches up with you, expect betrayals to happen.

The first to depart is your timing.
All too quickly it is all off, and unlike in your younger years when chasing skirts was easy. Today all the girl has to do is to nimbly step aside, and you stumble to the ground, empty handed.
And if you are reckless, your pockets might be emptied as well.

Time to hang up your gloves Manny, and kiss your presidential dreams goodbye.
Think of your defeat as a blessing in disguise.
The buzzards at your doorstep hoping to have a slice of your cake will go away pulling their hairs in disappointment.
Your partymates will likewise be unhappy with no campaign chest to dip their fingers.
Sure, the fire in your belly is still there, but the flame is flickering.
Aling Dionisia and Jinky will be relieved. Spend your remaining years enjoying the millions saved, have fun with your kids and family, and maybe you and Chavit will be friends again.
Seek reelection if you wish, and then that’s it.

President Rodrigo is at it again – playing his favorite role as mafia Capo dei capi (Boss of all bosses.)
“You go against my Secretary of Health, Francisco Duque, and you go up against me,” he warns.
Duque is of course thrilled, his boss standing up for him, but in the next breath, Rodrigo says, “But if he resigns, I will accept his resignation.”
So, the ball is back in Duque’s court. Will he, like he did in the past, so sneers Teddy Boy, drop the ball once more?
Join the Pacman in retirement, Mr. Secretary, enjoy the peace and quiet while counting your benefits.

Eat your heart out Morris, Benjie M. is doing exactly what you used to do in your heyday.
Bringing vaccines to the weak and elderly, complete with rice and canned goods.
Win the hearts and minds of the seniors today, the restless youth tomorrow.

I wasn’t kidding when I wrote that Jonathan Vergara should run for mayor.
He has the credentials, the drive and dedication, the willingness to serve, and his heart is in the right place.
Read in between the lines so you will understand what I am trying to imply.
If not him, then someone like him.
And in Benguet, my brod, friend, and kumpadre Ronnie Cosalan will only back a native son.
But will he dip into his pocket?
The only person who can beat Eric Yap would be Cara Cosalan, but Cara is quite happy where she is – a loving wife to Ronnie, and a proud mother to their two daughters – a lawyer and a doctor.

So, finally, she passes away at the age of 98. Poetess Virgie Moreno, my Humanities professor in the summer of ‘62 at UP Baguio, only a year old then.
My classmates were Des Bautista, old Baguio Central school valedictorian, of the University of Baguio; the Fernandez sisters of the Baguio Central University; Captain Felix Brawner, Jr.; two of his classmates of the same rank, Captain Olivas; and one whose name I cannot recall; and a number of classmates with equally brilliant minds.
When Virgie asked Brawner, Jr. if he graduated as salutatorian of his PMA class. Brawner’s answer was a curt “No, ma’am.”
She was later told Brawner graduated at the top of his class.
Oh, for whatever it may be worth, Virgie gave me a grade of 1.5, her highest grade.
Rest in peace, Professor Virgie Moreno.
I will bet you had fond memories of Baguio at the time – you even said the Pines Hotel had the best hotel lights you ever saw – not bright, but subdued, and the ambiance – I heard it from you, not from Erap.
What were the movies we saw together with classmates and one other faculty member, Miss Lentano?
Oh yes, “The Innocents” at the old Pines Theatre, “Alfie” at Session Theatre, and of course “Dr. No” where we were introduced to James Bond.
Beep us when you get to heaven, ma’am.
You will always be in our prayers.
Happy 112th charter anniversary, Baguio.