June 17, 2024

The Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) Corps of Cadets, an extension of the Reserve Command, Philippine Army, is present in numerous colleges and universities across the Cordillera. Usually, these cadet officers walk in their battle dress uniforms with a straight back, stern facial expressions, and ice-cold eyes. During the happy hours, they can give the funniest jokes, the loudest giggles, and the most entertaining talents. But there’s more to these individuals than what meets the eye.
They are seasoned student leaders with years of experience. Some are athletes competing in regional and national levels. The others are scholars and achievers. Some are models, literally and figuratively, walking through the fashion runway or community role models. Some are mentors, teaching subjects such as Land Navigation and Basic Life Support. The others are self-supporting individuals, working after training and school. Yet, the passion to serve and extend their talents to the community drove them to the ROTC Corps of Cadets.
The ROTC’s social media presence, highlighting the cadet officers, has been steadily increasing in popularity across the Cordillera. Several years ago, the University of Baguio ROTC Unit began sharing stories of their cadets’ lives through their official Facebook page. Recently, numerous ROTC units from various universities and colleges began sharing their cadet life stories.
As an administrative officer evaluating the cadet officers and their autobiographies, I have developed a deeper appreciation for the proactive measures and significant experiences they have taken toward achieving their life goals while making themselves of service to the community. I was empowered to let people know their experiences, sacrifices, and achievements. It has become apparent that these individuals possess the determination and commitment necessary to inspire and spark the determination of their fellow students. Not only to involve themselves in the ROTC program but to become student leaders in their schools and communities.
As a graduate of the ROTC program, I am confident that as they continue what we previously started, they will continue to excel from being ROTC cadet officers to the professionals they have envisioned.