April 18, 2024

There’s no denying this enhanced community quarantine has restricted the movement of various athletes in the Cordillera, but their workout continues even during the lockdown.

For calisthenics athlete Ortis Tindaan, Jr. of Bardilleranz, maintaining his physical physique involves sticking to workout routines using available resources at home.

But it will be redundant to say the least, as calisthenics, also widely known as “street workout” involves little to no equipment for those wanting to delve into the scene.

Calisthenics workout uses bodyweight movements and its benefits include increasing strength, creativity, balance, power, endurance, and aesthetics.

Prior to the ECQ, Tindaan has been posting his workout videos together with his team on his personal Facebook page as well as his page “Sportis.” But as the ECQ was extended, he started getting messages from people asking for tips on working out.

“There are a lot who messaged me asking about diet, workouts, and other fitness tips but I cannot accommodate them all so I decided to create videos for YouTube to answer their questions,” said Tindaan, who just launched his YouTube account in April.

The University of the Cordilleras B.S. Education graduate said his videos focus on calisthenics tutorial and will soon be delving into diet and other fitness tips.

In his YouTube channel Sportis (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfmHvJoOCLxib03fwgmPJAg), Tindaan shared his workouts, such as conducting pull-ups and push-ups for building muscles in specific areas as well the whole body and workout motivations fit for people starting on calisthenics or those who want to have core strengthening workouts. 

He embodies what was written in his Facebook page Sportis (https://www.facebook.com/ortistindaanjr/): “Most won’t, I will,” as he continuously inspires people to get into fitness and sports.  

Members of his team Bardilleranz, which became a household name after joining Pilipinas Got Talent where they introduced to the audience the virtually unknown sport of calisthenics, are training individually for now. – Ofelia C. Empian