June 23, 2024

The city government urged barangay officials to report anything that may cause harm to life or property, especially during typhoons and heavy downpours brought by the rainy season.

The call was made by the Special Services Division of the Mayor’s Office as part of the city’s flood management initiative.

Barangay officials were told to report hanging wires, clogged or overflowing canals, dead trees, and dangling branches caused by heavy downpours in their respective jurisdictions.

Residents have also been urged to observe proper waste disposal as garbage contributes to the clogging of canals and other tributaries causing flooding.

She said the city experiences heavy rains that last for weeks during the rainy season.

The city also conducts regular weather monitoring, pre-disaster risk assessment, and waterway cleanup.

The official also reminded residents to join the “denguerra” (war against dengue), the city’s mass cleanup activity every Thursday against dengue-carrying mosquitoes.

For the city’s disaster preparation program, the city is using data gathered in a disaster risk assessment of the city by experts from the United States and Denmark, as well as the Asian Development Bank, last June.

The assessment report included a geographic information system mapping that the city disaster risk reduction management office can use. – PNA