March 4, 2024

The Cooperative Development Authority-Cordillera continues to provide the necessary services to various cooperatives in the region to ensure a competitive and resilient cooperative industry.

CDA-Cordillera Supervising Cooperative Development Specialist Felicidad Cenon said they continue to provide training and technical services to educate and upskill the officers, members, and staff of cooperatives.

She said cooperatives can submit a request at their regional office if they want to avail of trainings from the CDA.

Cenon, however, clarified that they only cater to micro and small cooperatives, or those with assets of below P3 million and those with assets ranging from P3M to 15M.

Medium and large cooperatives, or those with assets ranging from P15M to P100M and those with more than P100M, can avail of training from accredited training providers.

Mandatory trainings include fundamentals of coop, coop governance, internal control system, financial management, risk management, and credit management.

Cenon said failure to complete the required trainings will lead to the denial of a certificate of compliance, which will then lead to the non-issuance of business permit and the elimination of tax exemptions, among other consequences.

Based on the data of CDA-Cordillera in 2022, there are 1,348 primary cooperatives registered in the region, of which 579 are active and compliant while 769 are non-compliant or those under dissolution, liquidation, cancellation, and delisting.

There are at least nine billionaire cooperatives in the region, the Benguet Electric Cooperative, Benguet State University and Community Multipurpose Cooperative, Tabuk Multipurpose Cooperative, Baguio-Benguet Community Credit Cooperative, Abra Diocesan Teachers and Employees MPC, Lagawe Multipurpose Development Cooperative, Treasure Link Cooperative, Lamut Grassroots Savings and Deve-lopment Cooperative, and Bokod Sulphur Spring Multipurpose Cooperative. – Debbie E. Gasingan