February 26, 2024

The Community Environment and Natural Resources Office in Sabangan, Mountain Province confiscated 287 pieces of illegally logged lumber from January to February.
Based on Cenro records, 20 pieces of the confiscated lumber were from Gotang, Balintaugan, 70 from Gong-gongo, Balinto, and 172 from Bantey, Balintaugan, Bauko; 47 from Malegleg Tambingan and 46 from Ipit Takba, Lacmaan, Besao; and 34 from Dogodog, Tetep-an, Sagada.
Two units of chainsaw were confiscated in Bagnen, Oriente, Bauko and another in Pudlak, Busa, Sabangan.
Cenro-Sabangan Enforcement Unit Chief Charles Magwa asked the public to refrain from illegal cutting of trees.
“Trees are essential to the environment. It contributes a lot in preserving the water supply around the province. If cut, people of the community will not be able to breathe fresh air and will surely result in water shortage,” he said.
Cenro-Sabangan continues to partner with the different stakeholders and concerned government agencies in combating the increasing number of illegal logging within its jurisdiction.
Magwa said partnership is important to mobilize citizens in protecting, conserving, and managing the environment and natural resources for the present and future generations.
“We want to let the people know that there are policies, rules, and regulations that we follow. For now, illegal cutting of trees within natural and residual forest is under moratorium, unless they have permits,” Magwa said. – Esjay Zausa