June 21, 2024

The City Engineering Office has proposed amendments to the ordinance mandating all construction companies and contractors conducting business in the city to provide independent construction safety officers at construction sites.
In a letter to the city council, City Engineer Edgar Victorio Olpindo recommended that for construction projects costing P1 million and above, the contractor shall be required to employ a full-time civil engineer who will serve as safety officer.
For construction projects costing less than P1M, Olpindo suggested the authorized managing officer or the sustaining technical employee of the contractor shall serve as the construction safety officer.
He said authorized managing officers and/or sustaining technical employees of all contractors are required to undergo 40 hours of training on Construction Occupational Safety Health, otherwise, contractors will not be issued a contractor’s license by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board.
The cost for the  authorized managing officer or sustaining technical employee serving as safety officer shall not be included as a separate item cost of the project in the program of work because it is treated as part of the mark-up cost of the project for the contractor. 
Olpindo added prior to the issuance of the notice to proceed for the project, the contractor shall be required to submit a construction health and safety program approved by the Department of Labor and Employment and a health and safety program for Covid-19 response and medical clearances. – Jordan G. Habbiling