April 14, 2024

City officials tasked the City Engineering Office (CEO) to consider reinforcing and retrofitting the continuation of multi-million bike lanes earlier constructed along major roads in the city.

In Resolution 696, s. 2023, city legislators stated the need to effectively and efficiently contribute to the equitable distribution of bike lanes from regular roads to cater to the needs and safety of cyclists that use these lanes for their biking activities either for recreation or in going to and from their respective residences in the different city barangays.

The resolution is an adoption of the Scout Official for-a-Day (Sofad) proposal introduced by Sofad Councilor Sophia Alessia Marii L. Valencia.

The council said using bicycles as one of the alternative modes of transportation during the pandemic encouraged people to use the same and after the pandemic, it is part of the efforts to empower residents to use alternative modes of transportation.

However, the body raised the observation that there are discontinued construction of bike lanes which may cause cyclists to use unmarked areas of various roads or the main roadways alongside motorists.

The council said there are also some roads that were not designed to have bike lanes, making construction, retrofitting, and integration of the bike lanes to these roads challenging. – PIO release