July 22, 2024

CEPMO explains purpose of tree-trimming program

City  Environment and Parks Management Officer Rhenan Diwas explained the department’s tree trimming program that covers trees in parks and roads.

He said contrary to the perception that the procedure was rash and will result to the “killing” of trees particularly at Burnham Park, the Cepmo’s tree ground reduction or trimming process is scientific and therefore safe and beneficial for both the trees and the residents. 

“Let us understand that these trees are now over 50 years old and like humans, humihina na rin ang kanilang tuhod and tree ground reduction or trimming is one technique to reduce the weight they are carrying,” Diwas explained.

He said ground reduction reduces the risk of the trees getting damaged or sustaining breakages during strong winds and rain during typhoons.

“When the size of a tree’s canopy is reduced, the surface area exposed to strong wind is also reduced. This allows the tree to withstand the inclement weather,” Diwas said.

He said controlling the height of a tree also helps prevent the chances of it getting toppled at the height of typhoons and cause damage to life and property.  It also prevents accidents in parks and public places.

The process also has aesthetic purpose as trimming improves the appearance of trees in the long run.

“Like us humans who need to have our crowning glory trimmed regularly for good grooming, our trees also need proper and regular pruning to improve the tree’s structure and direct new healthy growth. – Aileen P. Refuerzo