May 29, 2024

The Baguio City Character Council is batting for the integration of values in all activities of the city to emphasize its nature as a City of Character.
This has been the core of the planning workshop, which was initiated late last year by the City Human Resources Management Office, for the council to review and formulate the Baguio Character Council Strategic Plan for 2020 and beyond.
Members of the Character Council recommended, among the other proposed programs and projects, the institutionalization of character councils in every barangay, formation of trained speakers’ bureau on values, initiation of values formation/transformation programs in the business sector, and conduct of financial literacy and provision of livelihood seminars/trainings and projects for those in the business, trade, industry, and tourism sectors.
For the government sectors, among the activities recommended to realize the proposed projects and programs are the conduct of enhanced information, education, and communication campaign on values/character enrichment in the barangays, inclusion of values enrichment/parenting during pre-marriage counselling, and during application for business permits.
For the youth and education sector, among the proposed activities to realize the programs and activities are organization of youth character building advoca tes/life coaches, training of more moral life coach, increase the time allotted for values transformation IEC in schools, moral enhancement program for teaching/ non-teaching personnel, and moral recovery program for students enrolled in the Alternative Learning System.
The faith-based sector recommended for the continuous conduct of values transformation/restoration program, celebration of the National Bible Month in January, conduct of the Wholesome Family Event in April and Baguio Character Week observance in September, and the creation of a core group to craft/update the Baguio Character Council manual. The core group has initially met in December 2019.
The business, trade, industry, and tourism sector proposed that those applying for business permits be required to attend values transformation seminar; enhanced IEC on traffic rules, values, how to do business, and family values; and training programs on values formation to employers and employees.
They also recommended for the conduct of seminar/workshop to vendors and employers on ethics and taxation and orientation of small businesses owners on proper accounting and taxation to minimize tax evaders.
The civil society and professional and peace and justice sectors recommended for production of more write-ups and broadcast on positive values, creation of a social media page focusing on positive values, among the other proposals.
They also recommended for the strict implementation of zoning laws; reclamation of sidewalks; amendment of the Number Coding Ordinance; strict enforcement of law, rules, and regulations on jaywalking, littering, spitting; secure data on the tenants per barangay; provision of additional equipment for the police; and strengthening of moral/spiritual activities for the police.
The Baguio Character Council, composed of representatives of various sectors, has aligned its programs and projects with the 16-core agenda of the city government, among which is achieving a empowered and accountable barangay governance, empowering the youth, responsive education program, good governance, strengthened livelihood and entrepreneurial services, innovating peace and order condition, and aggressive traffic management. – Jane B. Cadalig