April 18, 2024

The Commission on Higher Education said it would work more closely with the Department of Education to improve the performance of Filipino learners in international large-scale assessments.

According to the 2022 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results, among 81 participating countries, the Philippines ranked third from the bottom in science with an average score of 356, sixth from the bottom in mathematics with an average score of 355, and sixth from the bottom in reading with an average score of 347.

The DepEd hosted a national forum in response to the assessment results and to address related issues.

The CHED vowed to engage centers of development and centers of excellence in Teacher Education to study further the details of the country report to frame comprehensive solutions for consideration of the DepEd.

“We shall expand the Technical Panel for Teacher Education (TPTE) to include DepEd curriculum development and learner assessment specialists along with other leaders in education transformation to address quality preservice teacher education,” it said.

“We shall also issue through the expanded TPTE a special learning module to be used by teacher education institutions on the nature and implications of international large-scale assessments in building a culture of accountability for learning outcomes,” it added.

To address teacher quality issues that ultimately influence learning outcomes, the Commission has created a technical working group and developed guidelines for the monitoring and evaluation process that will lead to the phasing out of teacher education degree programs in poor-performing technical education institutions. Apart from improving the Filipino learners’ performance, the Commission wants to realize the national education vision laid out in the Philippine Development Plan 2023 to 2028, ensuring that they achieve their full potential to keep pace with the envisioned socioeconomic transformation. – PNA